As a member of WIB, you'll have the opportunity to attend many conferences throughout the academic year. Below are some examples of conferences our members frequently go to:

Intercollegiate Business Convention

Early to Mid-October

The Intercollegiate Business Convention (IBC) is the largest student-run business conference in the world for women. It is also the keystone event organized by Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (HUWIB).

Attendees will learn from three inspiring keynote speakers, interact with peers and professionals and attend an exclusive career fair and networking sessions. IBC strives to build a global support network and community of empowerment for collegiate women interested in business.

There is also a Campus Ambassador program members can partake in. For more information, email

US Women in Business Conference

Mid February

The Undergraduate Stern Women in Business Conference has provided a forum for undergraduate women across the Northeast to unleash their aspirations by connecting with professionals, leveraging relationships, and engaging in the unique resources New York City has to offer.