The purpose of the Mount Holyoke Investment Club is to provide both theory and practice for students interested in the many facets of investing, business, and finance. Although member interests may be as narrow as “finance” or “business”, the Club also aims to explore and quantify the underlying effects of human decision making as it applies to the market (that is, behavioral finance). The Club seeks to give its members a foundational understanding of investing through tutorials, as well as through the management of a portfolio via a virtual simulator.

Analyst Program

The Analyst Program serves to provide students with sound financial information, resources and real-world investment experience. They will learn about industry analysis, multiples and valuation, and what goes into making a successful stock pitch and/or equity research report.

Research Analysts

These students will analyze potential investments, and present their findings to the club as stock pitches. Ideal for students who are interested in financial modeling, learning about companies and industries and figuring out how to identify key information that determines a company's future prospects.

Portfolio Analysts

Portfolio analysts will monitor 1 stock in the portfolio. They will follow share prices, quarterly earnings reports, industry trends. Can build models, presentation decks, and research reports for their company. This is ideal for students who look for something a little slower paced.


Session 1: Introduction to Investing
Session 2: Fundamental Concepts of Investing. What Drives Stock Prices?
Session 3: Accounting Principles Crash Course
Session 4: Introduction to Financial Modeling
Session 5: Company Valuation & Multiples
Session 6: Industries and Focuses
Session 7: The Discounted Cash Flow Model



Cindy Heredia - hered22c@mtholyoke.edu